Cross Platform Native Plugins can be completely configured directly from NPSettings included with the plugin.

Access NPSettings from Window-> VoxelBusters-> NativePlugins-> Select NPSettings


NPSettings provide an easy access to configure each feature of Cross Platform Native Plugins.

Save your changes by clicking on SAVE button at the bottom. Without saving, the changes will not reflect.

Selecting Required Features

It's not required to use all the features we offer in Cross Platform Native Plugins. On this regard, NPSettings lets developer to select the features that are required for the project.

Selecting only required features can reduce the final app build size as it won't include the features that are not used in your game.

All settings related to Cross Platform Native Plugins will be saved in Assets/Resources/VoxelBusters/NativePlugins/NPSettings.asset file.

Just as a caution, make sure you have a backup of your NPSettings.asset when you want to upgrade.

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