Cross Platform Native Plugins provides lot of features which are very much required on every mobile platforms for any kind of game.

Plugin offers functionality with a single API which lets developers to not worry about the platform they are on.

Editor simulation is an unique feature of this plugin which saves lot of time in testing.



All classes related to Cross Platform Native Plugins are under VoxelBusters.NativePlugins namespace. You need to use below statement for accessing any feature.

Using VoxelBusters.NativePlugins


Note: NPBinding

All features are accessible from a single class named NPBinding


Address Book feature functionalities can be accessed by NPBinding.AddressBook

Billing feature functionalities can be accessed by NPBinding.Billing

Feature Set

Feature Name Settings Editor Simulation Available?
Address Book YES
Billing YES
Cloud Services YES
Game Services PARTIAL
Media Library YES
Network Connectivity YES
[Rate My App] Yes
Sharing NO
Twitter SDK NO
UI Native Dialogs YES
WebView NO
Add-on Services -

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