Getting Started

Before configuring the plugin, lets enable the service on each native platform first. i.e. APNS on iOS and GCM on Android.

If you want to use One Signal service, check this section on how to integrate with our plugin. We made a wrapper internally so that you can still continue using our Notification Services API.

Local Notification Local Notifications are useful when you want a notification on a timely basis or if your app can schedule it for notifying the user. This doesn't need any server setup.

With this plugin, you can schedule a local notification, repeat it, clear and cancel scheduled notifications.

Remote Notification Remote notifications are useful to update your userbase if any new event comes up. This needs a server setup and client handling is completely done by this plugin.

How Remote Notifications Work

  1. Device registers with APNS/GCM service based on the platform.
  2. It gets a device token/registration id on successful registration.
  3. This token/id is passed to a server where you want to send push notifications from.
  4. Your server uses the device token/registration id and sends a payload to the notification service liek APNS/GCM based on the platform target.
  5. As your device is already registered with the notification service, it routes the payload to the device.
  6. Your device will display the notification once received.

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